Track Name: Cimientos
Impulsado por fuerzas coincidentes
Expulsado de mi hogar atemporal
Corrientes invisibles me forjan
Deformando los sedimentos
Que en mis tiempos de calma
Me cantaban para dormir
Mis sueños nunca se habían sentido tan reales

Surjo de entre opacas raíces
Hacia el abrazo de extraños

Reuno mis falencias y virtudes
Y las cargo en mi viaje
Mis primeros pasos, mis cimientos
Mis palabras y deseos
No se quedan atrás
Me acompañarán
En burbujas de perserverancia
Hasta la oscuridad y más allá
Y más allá
Track Name: Progress
Bursting bubbles of everlasting commandments
Decrypting currents of raging water
My fears are slipping apart from me
Breath is faltering / moving in the dark
I find myself beyond

This blackwater nightmare:
Shunning drifting towards absence
I find myself now clear

Ah, collapsing ideals
Lullabies bleeding meaning
Are these the dreams I dreamt?
Or are they just sympathetic suggestions?

Ah, approaching their embrace
Lullabies deep within me
These are the dreams I dreamt
If not, then I will make them mine

I’ve discovered new shades of blue
I’ve met with mysterious creatures
But the light that gracefully shines through the unknown
Has rampant strength, and in despair I burn
I’m blind, and I crumble gripping, reaching in vain to what used to hold me
But it is long gone and I’m left with nothing but crushing thoughts

I stand over reminiscence
Forming spikes that break through the unwilled
My only chance to seal with bravery, ah!
My nostalgic void! My poisonous comfort!

I passed ferocious maelstroms
I endured through icy currents
My core is still ablaze
My gaze meets blurry stars

I’m craving for silhouettes
I’m starving for the unseen
My core is dripping flames
My gaze meets the mighty icefield

I am faced with my birth and death
My heights will fade through grandeur
My foundations will stay strong
As I reach this frosty barrier
Track Name: Rising
I will cast the highest of shadows
I will reach to breathe where clouds dwell
And breed out flourishing trees
To watch their leaves fall
I will not stop until I crack my dreams out

This wall of coldness
Freezing my will to shatter
Freezing my unborn heights
Will not withstand my rising

I’ll breed out flourishing trees
And sweat out waterfalls
And drain my rivers down to my home

Ah! Ice cracks!
Falling over the open sky
Drowning on fresh air
Blinded by clear sight
Falling over a new shade of blue
Ah! Surface!
Falling over the open sky
Drowning on floating water
Blinded by a new perception
Falling over a new shade of blue